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Many people in their lives come to the realization that it’s time to get a grip on themselves and start doing personal development. This is really cool, I’m always for development! Personal development is a very important thing in our lives, but where to begin? After all, you can start in the wrong way and lose the most important thing that we have — TIME.

Did I type in Google — where to start self-development? And I found on a lot of blogs that give similar advice, such as read Robert Kiyosaki or Steve Pavlina, keep a diary, set goals (by the way, I immediately say — set goals is ineffective), work on yourself, think positive (I’m also against it) and blah, blah, blah. On my blog you will not find such tips for one simple reason — they are meaningless and unlikely to bring any real worthwhile result.

In any case, the interest in self-development is already good, but only if the interest doesn’t disappear after a couple of days, as it usually happens.

Personal Development. Where to Begin?

1. Energy

For any action you need energy. To achieve any result you need the energy of our body. For instance, you need a result to become a boss or to take first place in the competition. You can’t just sit and get the result.

A long time ago I noticed I need energy first, and then everything else. Fools are very often successful, they are more effective than lazy intellectuals, they have more time to do, they try more, they make more mistakes, and in the end, they ACHIEVE MORE.

Actually, there is a catch in this matter. You don’t need to draw energy, everyone has it, but a person really wasters it for dubious pleasures.

  1. QUIT SMOKING. I smoked for ten years and couldn’t stop. When I got rid of this habit, I felt much better in a month. I started to fall asleep, I have more energy and improved my mood.
  2. Drink less alcohol, and it is better not to drink at all. Many people after a bottle of beer write off the loss of strength to fatigue. However, alcohol in any amount provokes laziness. A glass of wine first gives strength and then takes it away. Reduce alcohol to a minimum.
  3. PROPER NUTRITION. Chemicals that are almost everywhere make our body lose strength. Keep an eye on what you eat. Remember the decline of strength after Christmas, when you use alcohol and chemicals. Drink less coffee, give up energy drinks.
  4. SPORT is energy. When you move more, then your heart works faster. But how does human thinking work? This is how many people think — if I go running after a hard day at work, then I will get even more tired. Or there are people who think that sex also takes energy, so they save their energy and say — this is sublimation.

All this is nonsense. When you move more, then you want more. A human being gets used to everything and even gets used to sports like a drug addict. This is our psyche and this is our physiology, nothing can be done, so you need to use it.

If you lie on the sofa — you will get used to it. If you run in the morning — you will get used to it. Next time when you will sit and watch Netflix, think about it and remember that you start to get used to your sofa. It’s better to run or go to the swimming pool. It’s better to get used to something more effective. Do you agree?

2. Thinking

It’s very important what is in our minds. Thoughts affect actions, and actions affect results. There is simply no other way. Any success is effective thinking.

How to develop thinking?

Do you think I would recommend reading a dozen books that would expand thinking? No. I have not found a single book that would change my thinking. Although I have read a ton of them, it is all for no use. Briefly, a person can influence their thoughts consciously and can make a thought to the idea that defines our actions. And the idea sits in your head. And nothing can stop you anymore.

If you start working with your thoughts on a serious level, in this case, you will not only develop, but also use your thinking effectively! Thinking is pumped like muscles. For your information, there are very few people engaged in the development of thinking, so you have a huge advantage.

Make affirmations every day, start from small things.

3. Useless Actions. Stop Kill Your Time

I don’t understand why so many people do the same stupid things? Although the answer is very simple — they obey their instincts and emotions and are engaged in social nonsense.

People are complaining

Why stand up in the position of a weak girl? I feel bad, I have a small salary, I was abandoned, I was betrayed, I was not called, I’m sick, I’m tired, they don’t understand me and so on. Such people make a fuss and I want to leave them. As a result, such pitiful persons find similar and they play games — Who lives worse? The loser is the one who has the worst life. The prize is everyone starts to feel sorry for this person. The next time you start doing social nonsense, remember my words and take a break for 50 years.

Children, sick and unhappy people are complaining. When you complain, you take their place. If you want to develop, you have to leave the victim’s position. Let other people complain and you act! It is difficult but productive.

Gossip attracts people. By discussing other people, we don’t solve our problems. We don’t get richer, smarter and more successful. We just lose a lot of time and energy.

No, we have already written above about energy, but there is another kind of laziness. It’s a showing off or showcases. Hey, look, I’m working on me! I watch educational films, read tons of useful books, I write down goals and keep a diary. Oh yes! I am working on myself. But I can’t call it self-development.

It’s just an abstraction from the action and a choice of comfort. It’s like acting, it’s like developing, it’s like even trying. But actually, it’s laziness to act. This is just an excuse for yourself that you’re kind of self-development, although, in reality, such a person doesn’t aspire to anything. If you notice in yourself this comfortable idiot, then choke yourself with really useful action.

4. Working

You should have a project. That’s what you have to do.

The most urgent question is what should you do to develop actively? The answer is to do what will lead you to the result. You just must to know what you want to do, otherwise, you will walk in circles and be constantly disappointed.

5. Oblivion

Forget all that you knew. I mean all the things that limit us. The knowledge we believe in by faith also limits us. Don’t believe in anything and check everything on yourself (if it doesn’t harm your health).

What is the mistake of most people? They don’t perceive the new but closed to new knowledge, new ideas, a new self. They are already mentally old, so they better empty their glass (as Bruce Lee would say).

6. Immortality

A person has a centre in his head that suppresses unpleasant thoughts. Therefore, a person at the level of his bodily and mental experience considers himself immortal. He doesn’t hurry anywhere. Therefore, he doesn’t appreciate the present and either sit in the past or runs into the future.

But death is always near and can take you away at any moment. How did you feel now? Nothing. Nothing is the work of hormones and it’s bad, damn it, bad!

When a person realizes his death, he begins to live differently. As a result, he wants to create something, not just consume, expand his possibilities, try in life as much as possible. The person wants to be free from society! He goes beyond his thinking, beyond his abilities, he becomes a creative person, he values himself and his life. He really lives!


So, what do we have?

  1. The most important thing for self-development is our energy. Without energy, we are nothing. So the first place to start self-development is not to waste your energy!
  2. Thinking. Ask everyone you can and you are unlikely to find someone who is working on their thinking.
  3. Stop killing your time! Stop complaining, gossiping and being lazy. Free yourself from these ailments!
  4. Have your own project. If you haven’t yet made up your mind, keep in mind the thought — who seeks shall find. Just don’t stop.
  5. Forget everything you know.
  6. We are not immortal, so we must leave with dignity. And this can only be achieved by living flawlessly.

Originally published at on December 6, 2020.

Angry psychologist who motivates you | Low of Attraction | Health

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Angry psychologist who motivates you | Low of Attraction | Health

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